Cambridge Innovation Institute delivers cutting edge information through events, publishing, and training to leading commercial, academic, government and research institutes across the life science and energy industries. Cambridge Innovation Institute consists of two business areas; our coverage of advances in life sciences under the well-established Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI) brand, and coverage of rechargeable batteries under the newly established Cambridge EnerTech (CET) brand. We focus on high technology fields where research and development are essential for the advancement of innovation.

Create maximum value for every participant by bringing together end-users seeking new and better solutions with those developing novel answers.
Research reports that evaluate the salient issues in technology, business, and therapy, as well as news in niche markets including IT, clinical trials and diagnostics.
Deliver real-life case studies, problems encountered and solutions applied, along with extensive coverage.
Business Development
Resources to expand market reach, industry knowledge, market research, drive sales, business impact, and future position in the marketplace.

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