Cambridge Healthtech Training Seminars offer real-life case studies, problems encountered and solutions applied, along with extensive coverage of the academic theory and background. Each training seminar will offer a mix of formal lecture and interactive discussions and activities to maximize the learning experience. These training seminars will be taught by experienced trainers, who will focus on content applicable to your current research and guide those new to the field or just getting started on their path to lab success.



Founded in 1979, Barnett International is widely recognized for its superior consulting services and its targeted education and training programs. Barnett helps clients get the most out of their research and development dollars by managing change effectively, improving organizational performance, and enhancing staff knowledge. The Barnett approach is a unique combination of strategy development and practical, hands-on implementation. The "Barnett Difference" is evident in our deep understanding of the clinical research process and in the rapid and tangible performance improvements we deliver.
We help pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies maximize the speed and quality of their product development efforts.


““This course has greatly improved my understanding of the clinical trial process. I have worked in clinical for six years but not in this capacity. I can now speak to colleagues with greater confidence.”

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