“Great for gaining insights into unpublished research and clinical findings, and a significant opportunity to network and problem-solve with colleagues.” Senior Scientist, ADPE, Medimmune

“CHI meetings are a great way for newcomers to get up-to-date information in a short period of time.”

Assistant Research Professor, University of North Carolina Wilmington

“Great for gaining insights into unpublished research and clinical findings, and a significant opportunity to network and problem-solve with colleagues.”

Senior Scientist, ADPE, Medimmune

“A great event, packed with so much knowledge and great speakers, offering a unique balance between academic research and industrial applications. In short: offering a compact source of inspiration."

Head, High-Throughput Laboratory, Biochemistry, University of Zurich

“The Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) is consistently one of the best, and best-attended, battery-related events."

Ted Miller, Ford

“It allows me to talk to many different vendors face-to-face as well as establish a network. To hear, in talks, about how other groups are solving, most likely, the same problems we are trying to solve. It’s a good place to initiate collaboration and try to brainstorm ideas for new concepts.”

Head, Small Molecule Discovery Workflows, Roche

“The Next Generation Dx Summit provided an unparalleled combination of relevant presentations and discussion topics with a broad range of participants to allow for both meaningful content and the initiation and strengthening of partnerships to truly support the development of the next generation of diagnostics and companion diagnostics.”

Vice President, Clinical Research Services, ResearchDx

“In terms of a continuously high standard of presentations and attendees from both cell manufacturers and OEMs/Tier One companies, AABC is the best battery systems conference.”

Uwe Wiedemann, AVL

“This conference provides an excellent opportunity to catch the latest trend of biomarker research by promoting communication between scientists from both academic and industrial backgrounds.”

Researcher, MD Anderson Cancer Center

“PEGS brought together a meaningful number of important thought leaders and, hence, a fantastic forum for big ideas. For a decade, PEGS has consistently been a catalyst for antibody and protein advances within early research-based drug discovery.”

Founder, Blue Sky Biotech

“These conferences are critical to making sure that we understand current challenges that researchers and clinicians are currently facing, and being able to leap slightly ahead of them, so that by next year’s conference, we’ll have solutions and products that meet their needs.”

COO, Silicon Mechanics

“One of the best antibody conferences I’ve been to. The presentations were of superb quality and captured the excitement of recent developments in this field. For anyone interested in antibodies, I would unhesitatingly recommend the PEGS conference.”

Research Scientist, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

“This is a great conference that attracts people with diverse expertise, from engineering, chemistry, biology, pathology and oncology to business, regulatory and reimbursement. I have learned tremendously from this conference. All the staff are very professional and helpful.”

Assistant Professor, Medicine, Bioengineering, Hillman Cancer Center, University of Pittsburgh

“SCOPE is the new standard of excellence in conferences: best topics, best production, best exhibits, and best audience mix.”

VP Clinical Informatics Solutions, Optum

"The Next Generation Dx Summit brings together key players from all facets of diagnostic development. Its format is very conducive to networking and learning from the leaders in the field. This is a great meeting for anyone who is serious about pursuing diagnostic technologies anywhere from research to commercialization."

Program Director, Fluxion Biosciences

"At Tri-Con we connected with a range of customers and colleagues, from clinical researchers to the broader community now looking to harness the full power of sequencing to improve healthcare. It was an energetic and engaged event - just the right kind of busy."

VP of Communications, NextCODE

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